AKallpa, known also as an electronic house music singer, is a Voice Talent currently located in New York City with experience in dubbing and voiceover with a sweet rainbow of personifications developed in documentaries, video games, series, movies, infomercials, realities and educational programs, disclosed internationally.


Warm, with passion, smooth and creative, Annie Kallpa has built, in collaboration with her friend and main producer TICIO from Colombia, a solid sound born in the influence of soul, jazz and R&B. So far, her main format consists of an electronic base which mergers Latin, House, Jazz, Funk, Bossa, Chill, Dance, Pop and other elements, infused with a leading style of warm leading HOUSE overtones. The band is comprised of a live DJ (to bring a powerful electronic style), a Saxophonist (adding the jazz style), Electronic Percussions (adding the latin style), Electric Guitar (adding the pop, funk and rock style) and vocals (adding the influence of soul, house and latin styles). The set brings life to many 70’s, 80’s, 90’s hits, and other trends and electronic hits. Original songs are also featured in addition to these remakes.

@anniekallpa on Youtube